Themed Arts Competition

Themed Arts Competition

Hey everybody!

We would like to welcome old and new attendees to this year’s SMASH! convention and hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are.

With the return of the convention this year we are happy to also announce the return of our beloved themed arts competitions. With all new rules and most importantly an all new theme!

So for 2023, we are super excited to reveal that the concept will be...


With its luminous and ethereal glow, the moon is the most enthralling and the largest, universal symbol the world has to offer. There is something undeniably beautiful and mesmerising about the moon, something that draws us in and makes us stare in wonder. We are really looking forward to how everyone plans to represent this idea in their pieces, whether it be figuratively or literally!

Illustrated entries of all mediums are accepted, so sharpen those pencils and remember to hit save regularly!

It’s time to amaze us with your imaginations for the SMASH! 2023 Themed Art Competition!


Award Categories The following prizes are provided by our sponsors Anime at Abbotsford, Geek It, Hobby Mania, Klook, Lilliana Home and Gifts, rRabit, Soy Toy Club, Uniqlo, XP-Pen. NOTE: Prizes are not final and are subject to change.

2D Themed Art:

Overall Winner: Prize Pool ($920.00 AUD)


Winner: Prize Pool ($424.95 AUD)

Runner Up: Prize Pool ($210.00 AUD)


Winner: Prize Pool ($461.95 AUD)

Runner Up: Prize Pool ($194.75 AUD)


  • These prizes are always interchangeable, SMASH! holds the right to remove prizes that are listed and holds the ability to adjust them at will.
  • Prizes are provided by our sponsors (To Be Announced).
  • Prizes are non-transferable, not redeemable for cash and no prize
  • The Organiser and Sponsors reserve the right to substitute the prizes, or a component of the prize, with another product of equal or greater value at any time without prior notice.
  • Prize winners must reside within Australia.
  • Winners must collect their prizes at the Art Info Desk by the end of con on Sunday after the winner announcements in the Industry Competitions Winner Panel at the Darling Square Stage 3pm.

Contest Period

Contest Start: 20th May 12:00pm Contest End: 1st July 11:59pm

Piece Requirements

  • Participants will create an original piece of artwork of any medium themed around the moon!
  • Involves artist’s creativity and imagination based around the theme.
  • Pieces must include one or both of the SMASH! mascots.
  • All pieces must be PG13, more details listed below.

Judging Criteria

Submitted works will be judged on the following:
  • Execution: technical expertise and mastery of the medium you are using.
  • Concept: originality of your concept in adherence to the given theme.
  • Aesthetics: how well your skill is applied to illustrate your concept and the overall visual appeal of your work.

Who Can Apply?

  • This competition is for everyone of all ages!
  • A single applicant may submit multiple entries.
  • You can submit works you have already made public if they match the theme and piece requirements.
  • SMASH! Staff and Crew are allowed to enter their works in any of the Art competitions; however, under no circumstances will special consideration be given to any entrant during the judging and selection process.

Submission Details

All entries must be uploaded via the submission form, regardless of the medium - i.e. scan or photograph traditional artwork.

Although it must be submitted via the form to qualify, artists are still welcome to bring in a physical copy of their artwork during the SMASH! event days. If the artwork is brought to the Art Info Booth, we will hang it up to display.

Artists MUST collect their artwork by no later than 5pm on Sunday 2 July 2023. Unless awarded a prize, we will not post artwork back to artists.

If the artwork needs to be posted back to the artist, the artist must pay for postage themselves.


  • Please ensure that your artwork has been saved, photographed or scanned clearly.
  • Please name the file with your 'ArtistName_ArtworkTitle'.
  • Files should be no more than 5MB large.
  • Preferred file formats are .JPG, .PNG or .PDF.

Please note that in submitting your artwork, you also agree to allow SMASH! to use your artwork for promotional purposes of future art events and competitions. Any artworks featured will be fully credited to the artist.


When you complete your project, congratulations! You have worked hard but now it's time to show off your heart, sweat and tears. And make sure to read the terms and conditions before submitting.

Submit Project Terms & Conditions

Once you have completed the submission, you should receive a confirmation of submission in your email. Then judging will once the convention begins, and the winners will be announced at the end of the convention as well!

If you encounter any issues, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you out!

We are eagerly looking forward to seeing what fun and bizarre creations everyone has installed for us!

If you have any inquiries regarding submissions, please send an email to our Art Competitions Coordinator:

Remember, winners will be announced at the Arts Industry Panel on Sunday at 3:00 PM at the Arts Stage, so please make sure you come see and celebrate all the creative people who have participated in our competitions this year at SMASH! 2023!


Any personal information collected during the submission process is kept strictly confidential and will not be disclosed or used outside of the 2023 SMASH! Themed Art Competition procedures.