Toru Furuya is coming to SMASH!

Toru Furuya is coming to SMASH!

Swooping in for this year’s SMASH! is none other than Toru Furuya!

You may have heard his sweet voice as a few memorable characters such as: Ray Amuro (Gundam Series), Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon), and Sabo (One Piece) – just to name a few of course!

He’s given us some kind words to share with his Australian fans: 「オーストラリアのファンの皆さまに久しぶりに直接会えることを今からとても楽しみにしております!」

Toru Furuya can’t wait to be able to directly meet with his Australian Fans after so long in his acting career.

Bring in the nostalgia! Don’t miss your chance to see him in person, he’s only here in Sydney once in a blue moon!