Rithe is coming to SMASH! 2023!

Rithe is coming to SMASH! 2023!

Joining us all the way from Singapore, Rithe will be joining us at SMASH! 2023.

As a prestige cosplayer, she started her journey making small weapons and eventually grew into making full sets of armor cosplays.

After participating in WCS 2019 she decided to commit all her time to making costumes and cosplaying while trying Milo from different countries she gets invited to!

Other than cosplay and Milo – she also loves her bunnies and her waifu, Saber.

With over 300,000 Facebook followers and 100,000 Instagram fans, Rithe has captured the hearts with her beautiful portrayals of the different characters, using various make-up styles and the make of her amours.

Make sure to grab your ticket to see Rithe in person!