SMASH! 2022 is officially SOLD OUT!

SMASH! 2022 is officially SOLD OUT!

We have completely SOLD OUT of tickets for SMASH! 2022! This means Saturday Passes, Sunday Passes, and Weekend Passes to attend SMASH! 2022 on 16 and 17 July 2022 have all been sold out! Thank you everyone for your support!

Unfortunately this means you can no longer purchase tickets online or at the door on the day of the event.

Will tickets be sold on the day at the door?

Tickets will not be sold at the door on either day of the weekend. Anyone without a valid Pass will not be allowed to attend SMASH! 2022 and will be turned away at the door.

A valid Pass is a ticket that:

  • Was purchased in 2020, 2021, or 2022
  • Allows you entry on the day you arrive
  • Has a working QR code that has not been previously scanned
Can I still upgrade or change my ticket?

You can no longer upgrade or change your tickets. This means:

  • If you have a Saturday Pass, you cannot
    • upgrade to a Weekend Pass
    • change to a Sunday Pass
  • If you have a Sunday Pass, you cannot 
    • upgrade to a Weekend Pass
    • change to a Saturday Pass
  • You cannot downgrade a Weekend Pass to either a Saturday or a Sunday Pass


However you can still enter our lotteries and purchase SMASH! merchandise to add to your existing ticket.


Beware of scammers!

Do NOT under any circumstances buy tickets from a stranger online.

Be wary of strangers who may be trying to take advantage of you. The person who originally purchased the ticket will always have the ability to change the details after they have sold it to you.

A ticket confirmation and ID is not enough proof that they are not a scammer.

SMASH! will not be responsible for any personal loss incurred from buying SMASH! tickets from a 3rd party.


Thank you to everyone for your support, and your understanding.

For those who may have missed out this year, we hope to see you again next year!