Next Guest Announced: Hikarin

Next Guest Announced: Hikarin

Our favourite Canadian cosplayer Hikarin @__hikarin is coming back to SMASH! 2022!
Hikarin was meant to be a guest in 2020, so we’re excited to have her back!

Hikarin is known for her beautiful portrayal of male characters like the handsome Izumi Sena from ‘Ensemble Stars’, or the popular Giyuu Tomioka from ‘Demon Slayer’, but you may recognise her more as her original character, Kai.

With over 300,000 Facebook followers and over 400,000 Instagram fans, Hikarin has captured the hearts of many with her unique make-up style which not only portrays the characters’ appearance, but also their heart and personality.

Make sure to grab your tickets at to see Hikarin’s charming smile in person!

Or if you want to find out more about her, go to our website!