Community Spotlight: Local Cosplayer Ikki & Nana

Community Spotlight: Local Cosplayer Ikki & Nana

We reach out to the local-Australian cosplayer duo @ikkiandnana, where we interviewed them both to get to know them both better and their upcoming plans for 2022. Check out both their responses below and don’t forget to visit them on their Instagram for their amazing work.


1. Why did you get into cosplay?

IKKI: I’ve always loved anime and gaming! One day my mates and I went to SMASH! con in 2011 in cosplay, and from that first experience of meeting and socialising with everyone in costumes together, is when I knew I loved it and only wanted to go further with it.

NANA: When I was in primary school, I really- really loved anime! (still do) And while I was searching for more pictures of the anime characters that I loved on google images, I saw some very handsome cosplayers back then and I thought, I want to dress as my favourites and be like them too! 😆


2. Have you ever personally resonated with any of the characters you have chosen to cosplay? If so, who and how?

IKKI: Honestly, I have too many lol but recently I’ve been watching Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) new season, and seeing Uzui Tengen finally being animated has gotten me SO fired up! I want to be just like him. Not just the wives part HAHA but he’s so charismatic, flashy, and kind. I really want to be like him.

NANA: Great question! This is something I’ve pondered to myself quite often, yet could never come up with an answer to it. But… I believe I have my answer now! I think I somewhat resonate with Ray, from ‘The Promised Neverland.’ What context of Ray? There are a few factors! But the main one I believe is, Ray is quite blunt, but he’s honest and caring about protecting those he loves, his family. Ready to risk it all. I am quite alike to this! 🤔

3. How far do you engross yourself in the character you cosplay? Do you prepare yourself by learning their behaviours, language, mannerisms, etc

IKKI: Errrr… Not really any of those loI honestly just cosplay the character and be myself. But ngl when I see other people act like the character they are cosplaying, I really admire them. I find it really cool. Maybe I should try it someday.

NANA: I… don’t think I engross myself into the characters I cosplay at all, to be honest! Though I will say, I’ve been told that I have a ‘stereotype’ of characters that I cosplay that have the same type of mannerisms… and I agree! I see the pattern!
For example, the edgy, quiet, or tsundere type… Haha! I quite enjoy the characters with ‘a history.’ 🤣


4. Do you see cosplay as a competitive and/or creative outlet? (maybe even something different?)

IKKI: I don’t see it competitive at all. I think that everyone that cosplays are just trying to have a good time being their favs and enjoy geeking out and meeting other people being just like them. Competitiveness should stay within competitions. Anything else outside that should be creative and free.

NANA: I certainly see cosplay as a creative outlet, for sure! Personally, for me, cosplay itself had introduced me to so many different types of people, experiences, countries, cultures, and most importantly, the love of my life. It is why I cherish this hobby as more of a passion, as I too want people to experience the pleasure that cosplay has brought to me via uploading my memories onto social media. I do not think that cosplay should ever be something that you should “compare” on a media basis unless entering competitions itself based on the hard work and craftsmanship at cosplay conventions, or any form of competitive competition!

5. What are your cosplays plans for 2022 and beyond?

IKKI: There’s a lot actually! Atm, I want to be able to get a proper shooting done for Sett (LoL) and Itto (Genshin), my main favs rn! For the new ones I haven’t cosplayed yet, you’ll just have to wait and see 😘 let’s hope covid doesn’t delay our plans anymore, haha.. we really wanna show off our cosplays and meet familiar and new faces soon!

NANA: TOO many! Hahaha. The beauty about cosplaying is that anything fictional is in the power of your hands to dress up as! Whether it’s comics, games, anime, cartoons, and such!
To name a few I haven’t done yet, Shu Yamino from NIJISANJI’s EN group- Luxiem, Vi from League of Legends (Arcane ver.), Vanitas from The Case Study of Vanitas, and may the rest of the plans be a surprise… 😉


6. What advice do you have for people wanting to cosplay?

IKKI: Just have fun and relax. Enjoy walking around the con in your outfit.
Oh, but cosplay sometimes could be a bit expensive, so really I encourage you to make sure you’re financially stable before you start, even if it’s just one costume! But yes by end of the day, as long as you’re happy, it’s all worth it!

NANA: It’s going to be great! It can be scary trying new things for the first time, but it’s totally normal! You’re going to be nervous, but did you know that nervousness and excitement are the same feelings? I felt it too!
Don’t feel the pressure to be perfect or fit in as anyone’s description of yourself. You are the main character of your own story! 💪