Community Spotlight: Local Cosplayer Anya

Community Spotlight: Local Cosplayer Anya

Meet Anh Vu or Anya who is an Australian-based cosplayer and tail commissioner. We’ve reached out to Anya to get to know her better and her upcoming plans for 2022. Check out her responses below and don’t forget to visit her Instagram at @anya_kimochi.


1. Why did you get into cosplay?
I was into Final Fantasy X and it was my first time coming across such beautiful animations of people. After searching through Google images, I saw people dressing up as those same characters. I thought it was so cool seeing your favourite characters come to life.


2. Have you ever personally resonated with any of the characters you have chosen to cosplay? If so, who and how?
Kagura from Gintama. She eats a lot and does martial arts. 😁


3. How far do you engross yourself in the character you cosplay? Do you prepare yourself by learning their behaviours, language, mannerisms, etc
If I’m really into the character, I learn their moves for posing, research their background, create a mood board for photoshoots, look to similar sources for inspiration, search up their height and measurements if it’s available, etc.


4. Do you see cosplay as a competitive and/or creative outlet? (maybe even something different?)
I mainly see cosplay as a creative outlet. I have fun exploring my creativity through learning different techniques while working on a cosplay.


5. What are your cosplays plans for 2022 and beyond?
Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but I’m currently working on Yotohime SP from Onmyoji.


6. What advice do you have for people wanting to cosplay?
If you’re stuck on making something, Google a tutorial! There are so many tutorials available now. When I was younger, there were only like 1 or 2 tutorials on how to keep your thigh-high socks up. Now there are so many amazing tutorials on how to keep your socks up the whole day!